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HighPass(Crossing) in Nepal

Peak ClimbingThe Himalayas are the huge mountain range stretching 3000km east to west. The Nepal portion of the Himalayas is the largest and highest, stretching about 800km and includes eight peaks that rise above 8000m including Mt. Everest (known to Nepalese as Sagarmatha).

The Nepal Himalaya has become a great theatre of mountaineering activities. There are many Himalayan peaks open for mountaineering expeditions. In the Nepal Himalaya, there are 240 peaks above 6000m and more than 1300 peaks of 6000m and below.

After Nepal opened its doors to foreign travelers in 1950, it became possible to challenge these mountains. In the beginning, it was simply a matter of conquering the 8000m peaks, but gradually climbers began to attempt various untried routes. Today, people have been attempting to climb the mountains without auxiliary oxygen and many of them have even set world records such as NOMAD's Late Chairman Babu Chiri Sherpa who successfully entered the Guinness Book of World Records 2000 for the longest stay of 21 hours on the summit of Mount Everest without auxiliary oxygen and summited Everest with an incredible speed of 16.56hrs.


Crossing Highpass in Nepal

Teshi Lapcha Pass

Duratin: 25 days | Region: Everest

Teshi Lapcha is particularly dangerous because of frequent rock falls on its western side and the route through the icefalls is becoming technically more and more difficult ..

Kagmara LA Pass

Duratin: 25 days | Region: Dolpo

Kagmara La is in Dolpo region situated in the Trans Himalayan region of Mid -West Nepal.
which has its own charm, people here still lead a primitive life, yet they are friendly.

Mingbo La Pass

Duratin: 23 days | Region: Everest

The Mera Peak climb and continuing cross over Mingbo La Pass is another lifetime adventure
in Nepal Himalayas. This 3weeks course takes you to the summit of Mera Peak...


Ganjala Pass

Duratin:16 days | Region: Langtang

Ganjala Pass is in Langtang region and this trip starts from Sybru Bensi, ends at Melamchi
Pul Bazar. From Sybru Bensi, you will follow the Langtang river to the east until you get to..


Dhaulagiri French Pass

Duratin: 24 days | Region: Dhaulagiri

We follow the same itinerary as the Dhaulagiri Empire until we reach the lower part of
rhododendron forest. Throughout the trek, you are surrounded by the colossal peaks..


Gokyo Cho La Pass

Duratin: 22 days | Region: Eveerst

Gokyo Cho La Pass and with Everest trek demanding previous experience and walking over the pass on snow, takes you into the heart of the mountains and the culture of the Everest..


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