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Tour in Nepal

The first real tourists to Nepal where the Mountaineers that where attracted by the peaks of the Himalaya. International attention was drawn to these mountains in 1953 when New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Nepali Norgay Tensing became the first people ever to reach the peak of Mt. Everest. The highest mountain in the world had been conquered and Nepal would never be the same. Mountaineering has always been a mysterious activity to those looking in from the outside. Many people wonder why a person would risk their safety and push their physical and mental strength just to get to the top of a mountain. But it is so much more than just reaching the peak.

Its true satisfaction comes from the entire journey itself. The mountain always sits on the horizon during your approach to the climb and fills your mind with wonder and excitement. The realisation that you might be on the top of that mountain lingers in your head.


Nepal Tour Packages

Nepal Heritage Tour

Duratin: 09 days | Grade: *

There are more than 600 World Heritage Sites around the world. Among them, ten world heritage sites lie in the Nepal. Out of these, seven lie within the Kathmandu valley.

Classical Kathmandu Chitwan Pokhara Tour

Duratin: 08 days | Grade: *

Nepal, the land of splendid nature and rich culture is waiting for you exploration through its different facets. Explore Nepal tour gives you an opportunity to explore three different ..

Kathmandu Pokhara

Duratin: 06 days | Grade: *

This spectacular camping trek to Machapuchare (6,993m) follows one of the least trekked routes in the Annapurnas. It is a remote trek at moderate altitudes through pristine forests


Hindu Piligramage Tour

Duratin: 11 days | Grade: **

Nepal is the only Hindu Kingdom in the world and also a Hindu majority country. The second largest religion is Buddhism. Hinduism is a multi disciplinary religion ..


Buddhist Piligramage Tour

Duratin: 09 days | Grade: **

Lumbini associated with the birth of Lord Buddha is of extreme archeological importance and also a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site. It is said that Prince Siddhartha Gautam,


Kathmandu Valley Tour

Duratin: 08 days | Grade: *

The Kathmandu valley (1300m) is surrounded by tier of green mountain walls above which tower mighty snowcapped peaks. A full picturesque view of the valley is received ...


Honey Hunting Tour

Duratin: 11 days | Grade: **

Nepal is not only famous for trekking and climbing in the high mountains but is also place for the honey hunting.Honey Hunting is the real and frequent activity of indigenous


Honeymoon Tour

Duratin: 09 days | Grade: *

Kathmandu Honeymoon Tour is the perfect way of spending the honeymoon in Nepal for those who do love to do excursion in outside the busy streets of Kathmandu.


Nepal Culture Tour

Duratin: 04 and 05 days ( Optional) | Grade: *

Nepal is a land of diverse ethnic groups and mosaic of cultures. Its landscape and lifestyles are filled with colorful festivals and festivities.


Nepal Shamanism Tour and Trek

Duratin:12 days | Grade: *

Shamanism is the traditional religion of most of Nepal's native ethnic groups, and while many have adopted at least outward forms of Hinduism or Buddhism (depending on their location),


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