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Nepal - Himalayan Country.

Map of NepalA landlocked Himalayan country of Nepal is a country of amazing extremes. It has the greatest altitude variation on the earth. From the low land of Terai barely 65m above the sea level to the highest peak on the earth, Mt. Everest at 8848m within 150 km arial distance.

On the other hand mighty rivers originating on the other side of Himal flows into Nepal creating the deepest valley like Arun Valley and deepest gorge – Kali Gandaki. All this has resulted different geographical zones and biological zones and Nepal becomes the richest country in term of flora and fauna and ultimate.


Nepal at Glance


Area : 147,181 Sq. kilometers

Location : Between China in the North and India in South

Capital : Kathmandu

Population : 23 million (2001) which includes 60 recognized ethnic groups speaking 70 different dialects. Nepal is a land where deities mingle with mortals, and strange legends follow yak caravans down from the mountain passes to become part of the Hindu and Buddhist folklore. Here live the Gurkhas, famed for their courage; the Sherpas, legends in mountaineering and the Newars, skilled craftsmen who contribute to the rich artistic heritage of the Kathmandu Valley.

Languages : Nepali is the National and working language

Currency : The Nepali Rupees, which comes in Rs, 1,2,5,10,20,25,50, 100, 500 and 1000 unites.

Polities : Multiparty system with constitutional monarchy.

Visa : Visa can be obtained from Royal Nepal Embassy/ Consulates or can be obtained upon arrival at the entry points. It is useful to carry a few extra passport photographs.

Health : No inoculations are legally required. However, we recommend shots against Typhoid, Tetanus, Meningitis and Gamma Globulin/ Havris for hepatitis. It is advised to consult your doctors well in advance to participate in high altitude trips.

Anti malaria course is advised to the visitors visiting throughout India and lowlands of Nepal.


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